Friday, 12 August 2016

Fiction Friday is back

So, according to this blog (and I have no reason to doubt it) my last FF post was on 1st July!

Also according to Goodreads I've hit 150 m/m books this year.

Must have loads to report this month then, it's been nearly six weeks after all.

Erm, no, I've been reading a lot of fanfiction, mostly Teenwolf and Merlin. I particularly enjoyed  The Lonely King by Cori Lannam.

I've also read a fair few of those freebies that you pick up from Amazon all the time and then clutter up your TBR pile forever. Sometimes you can pick up a good one, most of this batch weren't worth reading but I did enjoy The Dystopia Spell (Multiverse Mashup Book 1) by Brian Olsen.

But what have I read and enjoyed?

Not Quite Shakespeare - a Dreamspinner anthology of stories with a British feel. There are some excellent stories in this anthology by some of my favourite authors. These were my favourites:
Ninety-nine Problems by Becky Black - 4* Loved this story of feuding ice-cream families.
Chanctonbury Ring by Sarah Madison -4* Excellent second chance at love story.
Wrong Number by Megan Reddaway - 3.5* Amusing story about a guy who drunk dials his boss. It's predictable but fun.
In the DogHouse by Chris Quinton - 4.5* love this story of second chance love. And greyhounds. And shady gangster types.
Rough Tackle by Annabelle Jacobs - 4* Cute.
The Jacobite by Bette Brown - 3.5*
Tops Down, Bottoms Up by Jay Northcote - 5* Morris dancing! LOL. Loved it.

More Than Anything by T.T. Kove - 4* Uh huh. This book had me a sobbing mess from about the 75% mark. Note to self: Don't forget to read the sequel.

Rustic Melody (Rustic #1) by Nic Starr - 4* A lovely gentle story.

The Gilded Scarab by Anna Butler - 5* Loved this historical action adventure set in a steampunk version of 'Victorian' London so much that I begged the author for a sequel only to discover there is one already in the works. Yay!

And the book that took me to that GR 150 Reading Challenge,

How to Howl at the Moon (Howl at the Moon #1) by Eli Easton - 5* This book is just the cutest thing. I love Lance, the gruff stoic cop, who is hiding a furry secret,

Update on my challenge to read a book by all of the attending authors at the UK Meet this year: 43/65. I don't think I'll manage the whole challenge but it's not too bad an achievement.


  1. You should read the other Howl at the Moon books! I just finished Book #3 :D Not my favorite but still a great read.

    Why did More Than Anything have you sobbing? Can you expand and give me a Thrace Warning level?

    1. I have book two already. I do plan to read them both.

      Nothing too bad. No death or major injury of the MCs. In fact I had an idea it was coming from the beginning but it still caught me in the chest when it did. Both characters have some serious issues as well and everything starts to pile on after the 70% mark. Plus the ending is hopeful rather than HEA. But there is a sequel.