Friday, 26 August 2016

Waiting for a Spark

As of a week or so ago Waiting for a Spark is currently out of print.

I intend to re-release under Finally Love Press at some point in the near future. It needs little in the way of work, just a new cover and then some formatting. Maybe a new blurb.

I'm on the look out for something sweet with a London vibe, quite similar to the original cover (which I had quite a heavy hand in designing). Preferably something premade since they are generally cheaper. If anyone finds anything they think is appropriate leave me a link here or give me a poke on GR, FB, or Twitter.

I'm off to scourer my fave cover artists' premade sites.

In the meantime if you really must read WfsS now then it's still available in the Lashings of Sauce anthology.

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  1. UGH you'll probably hate me but I don't remember which one that is *hides* I need to go get my anthology....Oh that's right, YOU SIGNED IT \o/ :D