Saturday, 24 March 2018

Rainbow Snippets - 24/25th March

Rainbow Snippets is a Facebook Group that invites authors to post 6 sentences of their work each weekend. It can be from anything you like, your current WIP, a recent release, the golden oldie that even you had forgotten you had written, or just a scrap of an idea (as long as it has 6 coherent sentences). Nothing of your own work worth mentioning? How about a 6 sentence review of your favourite LGBTQ+ story.

I've had a bit of a snippet break but I'm back with another snippet from Under the Radar. Welcome to the start of Chapter 4.
#WIP #historical #WW2 #submarines

Standing to straighten out his back, Zach pulled himself up to his full height and felt his hair brush the ceiling of the wardroom. Taking a step to the right, he positioned himself in the tallest, and one of the few parts of the submarine where he could stand with comfort. How the guys taller than his five ten coped he had no idea. Maybe he should ask Gethin next time he brought a drink.

Zach cupped the back of his neck with both hands and twisted his torso. He relished the burn in the muscles down his side. A low cough interrupted his lazy stretch, dragging his attention back to the table.

Even though the book isn't ready and I have no cover, I've created a Goodreads entry, because one way or another this book will be released this year, and this should spur me on (especially if people actually add the book to their 'want to read' shelf).

Add it to your Goodreads bookshelf here.

The Blurb

Having invited the wrong man into his bed, US Navy pilot Lieutenant Commander Zachary MacKenzie has only one option to save his family name and himself from possible jail time; agree to be cast out of both his country and his service. Sent to Blighty, to ‘help the war effort’, Zach’s punishment is more severe than simply being exiled. For a man used to the freedom of the skies, Zach’s banishment to a life beneath the waves ensures he will be unlikely to see the sky, let alone fly in it.

The only bright spot in the oppressive atmosphere of the submarine is sonar operator and steward, Gethin Llewelyn. Despite the differences of rank, background, and demeanour the pair form a fledgling friendship. However, the tenuous threads of their relationship are sorely tested by Zach’s inability to ignore the thin ribbon of desire that ties him to his steward and threatens to expose all his secrets. Combined with the confusion of Gethin’s late-blooming epiphany, the path to a mutual understanding might be impossible to navigate.

Throw in mysterious miniature vessels that appear to be stalking the sub, some strange vibrations, and several suspicious crew members. With the very real possibility that someone on board is a spy, Zach doesn’t know what is in more danger, the vessel under his charge or his heart.


  1. Nice! Thank you for sharing. And Happy Writing!

  2. You had me at WWII and submarines. Love the snippet - poor Zach. Adding this one to my goodreads want to read shelf :)

  3. Oh, I could never work in a submarine! Not that I'm tall, but so claustrophobic!

    1. I don't think you're much taller than me :) I'm not too bad with small spaces as long as I can see a way out. We went down a tin mine in Cornwall last year, that was great even though some of the headway was tight, even for me.

  4. Just reading about his back popping made me want to crack mine...and, there I go! :) Loved this, thank you.

  5. I could feel the claustrophobic feel of it

  6. I'd never be able to manage being on a submarine. I'm far too claustrophobic. Great snippet!