Tuesday, 1 December 2015

A is for...


Christmas is all about the build up. As a kid it was anticipation about what you would find under the tree on Christmas morning. As a young adult it was all about the parties. As a new parent it became anticipation on first reactions: the tree, trip to see Santa, all those brightly wrapped presents.

Nowadays it's the anticipation of having all my family in the same room at the same time and things that I deny myself the rest of the year.

Mince Pies. Yes, they've been in the shops since September but I won't buy (or eat) one until 1st December. That's today. Yay!

Christmas reads. Authors have been pimping their Christmas stories for weeks if not months now whipping me into a reading frenzy of anticipation. I've been eagerly waiting for Winter Wonderland by Heidi Cullinan for months. That is the first book in my huge TBR pile of Christmas themed stories. I'll let you know about the others as I decide what comes next like peeling back the door on an advent calendar.

I guess I should mention that I have my own Christmas story. It's several years old now but that shouldn't lessen its appeal to those who are only recently discovering my existence. And I think its my favourite title out of all my books.
Here's a link to the main page for When Love Flue In which includes buy links and reviews.
Not convinced you should click the link?
Sinfully Sexy Books proclaimed it "A true Christmas fairy tale." and said "You have to read this one for Christmas. It will genuinely warm your heart."

What do you look forward to about Christmas?


  1. CHRISTMAS COOKIES AND DECORATIONS!!!!! And yes, that book is on my TBR pile as well :D and I so enjoyed yours :D


    1. Yay for cookies! I started reading it yesterday. BEST FIRST LINE EVER!