Friday, 25 December 2015

New Lease of Life - Release Day

My new novel New Lease of Life is out today.

Despite its release date New Lease of Life isn't a Christmas story. It doesn't even take place in December. But the ideals of Christmas can be found within its pages: giving, forgiveness, and extending a helping hand to a stranger. There may not be snow on the ground or sleigh bells in the air but hopefully this story will leave you with the same feels as the best Christmas stories.

 photo NewLeaseofLifeFS_zps8hfua7ry.jpg
Cover by Paul Richmond

Phillip used to laugh a lot, back when his friends called him Pip. However the good deed that left him hospitalized not only marred his body, it stripped him of his good humor too. Ever since, he has pushed his friends away and shut out the world. Donating his vintage clothing to a charity shop should have been the final act in a year-long campaign to sever the links with the man Pip used to be, but the stranger on his doorstep awakens feelings in Pip that he hasn’t experienced since the incident that left him angry at the world and reliant on the cold metal of the hideous hospital-issue crutch.

Colby forces his way into Pip’s life, picking at the scab of his past. Colby isn’t interested in Pip’s money or his expensive address. He has only one goal: to make Pip smile again. With every moment in Pip’s presence, Colby chips away at the walls Pip has built around himself. Pip knows it’s impossible to fight his attraction with Colby’s sunny disposition casting light into the darkness in his soul.

It's available now (yes, you can now get your sticky paws on it) at.

Dreamspinner Press
Amazon US
Amazon UK
AllRomance ebooks

It's also available in paperback.

New Lease of Life


  1. I kept checking before I went to bed last night to see if this was available to download from Dreamspinner Press, but had to wait till this morning. :( Now, I have to wait till tonight to read. WHY do I have to spend time with family today? LOL

    1. Hope you found the time to download it and still had fun with the family :)