Tuesday, 15 December 2015

O is for

Oranges, satsumas, clementines and various citrus fruit.

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I love small sweet easy-peel citrus and eat as many as I can in the short period before they become too tart or dry out.

But think back, why was there always a satsuma your Christmas stocking on Christmas day.
As with many of these traditions there is often more than one origin story to pick from.

1. The oranges are a symbol of the gold it is said St Nicholas dropped down the chimney to leave as the dowry for three girls whose family couldn't afford to allow them to marry.

Illustrated seed and floral catalogue - 1900 (1900) (20370905639)
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2. In the depression, with money tight and fruit and nuts a luxury, an orange and some walnuts would be considered  a treat.

3. Oranges haven't always been so easily obtainable in all parts of the globe so an orange would have been seen as something rare and wonderful.

4. With its many segments, an orange represents the season of giving in its ability to be shared.

I like the first one if I'm honest but I suspect it is a combination of all four.

and Oh my God, how many days until Christmas?
Ten! Still so much to do.

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