Saturday, 5 December 2015

E is for

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Apparently a 'marmite' drink, in that you either love it or hate it.

From what I can find in my research most people agree that Eggnog can trace its roots back to a concoction called possett, a drink of hot milk curdled with ale. Over time eggs were added to the mix bringing possett closer to the drink we commonly know as eggnog. The ale was removed and replaced with rum.
Nowadays most recipes seem to call for a dark rum or bourbon, but I'm guessing whatever dark spirit you have in the cupboard would be fine. The main divide seems to revolve around whether you should cook the egg.
The name seems to derive from the word 'noggin' which referred to a small wooden mug.

Regardless of the history I think I shall attempt to make some eggnog this year. Perhaps I shall try out many recipes. Or maybe I'll just take my Kraken neat ;)

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  1. BLARGH I'm not a fan of eggnog LOL But my stepmom and my MIL both love it. Maybe it's a generation thing?

    1. I like rum and I like egg based puddings so I should like eggnog, but I've not tried it. I'm going to experiment. I'll keep you posted

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