Saturday, 19 December 2015

S is for

 photo whenlovefluein_800_zps5dcaa93f.jpg
Rarely used tagline for my Christmas novella, When Love Flue In.

"Santa's not the only thing coming down Dominic's chimney this Christmas."

To check out the blurb and reviews click here.

and snowman

To continue with the theme here's a smutty Christmas song from those crazy Yogscast guys.

Don't click if you are easily offended. (What the hell are you doing here?)

NB. I had considered the story of Santa but this has been done to death and anyway there is a lovely little retelling of this story in Clare London's Nice and Snow.


  1. *snort* Ooh I don't think I've read that one by Clare London...

    1. Have you read a Twist and Two Balls? Nice and Snow is a follow-up Christmas story for the two MCs in that.

  2. And that song really gets in your head btw, so unless you want to be singing 'He's got a carrot for a cock, it's the biggest on the block...' for days then don't listen to it on repeat!